Australian Made and Owned

Ortho Rub is an Australian Made and owned product

TGA Approved

Ortho Rub is TGA (Therapeutic Goods of Australia) approved

All Natural

Ortho Rub guarantees its product is made up of all Natural therapeutic oils

Mother’s Grace has developed an All Natural Pain relief oil called Ortho Rub

which is assisting numerous people with the management of their pain whether it is in their back, neck, shoulder or legs. Through the topical application of Ortho Rub on the affected area, individuals may find it to work as a natural anti inflammatory, giving them greater mobility and relief from pain.


Mother's Grace - Ortho Rub

"Various treatments were tried, including adjusting my swing with laser guidance. All failed until I stumbled across Ortho Rub, which has removed the pain and inflammation in my knee and allows me to continue to play golf"

With the constant use of Ortho Rub (3-4 times a day) and the consistent use (10-15 days), Ortho Rub may provide relief from pain resulting in an increase in joint mobility.