Ortho Rub consists of a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils, formulated in a special way that when applied provides a cooling effect and relief from pain.

Through the constant use of atleast 2-4 times daily and over a period of 10-15 days, individuals find immense relief from muscular and joint pain and as a result greater mobility. Over many centuries, and as evidenced in Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Mediterranean Traditional Medicine and from the tribal belts of South America, various natural products were being used to treat various medical conditions and issues relating to painful joints, back pain including lower back pain, neck pain, pain associated with the ankles and knees, shoulders and elbows. For thousands of years, people treated these and other ailments with the natural products that were on hand. Ortho Rub consists of a combination of some of these natural products. Testimonials show its effectiveness.

Through the use of Ortho Rub and the gentle massaging into the effected area, you are not only self therapeuting your ailment, but also giving it a chance to heal. Ortho Rub assists in many ways, one of which is removing the pain. As you know, when you feel pain, you tend to stop using that limb. Over time, the limb can stiffen. What it actually needs is a massage with a good ointment or oil. The deep penetrating properties of Ortho Rub, assists in the removal of the stiffness as well as the pain.

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